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This site was set up to detail the judicial review of the decision to end the SFO investigation into BAE-Saudi arms deals.

Now the judicial review has finished, the site will be left online for the record. It is frozen as of February 2009.

For further information about corruption, visit The Corner House, or about BAE and the UK Government's arms dealing, visit CAAT.

26 February 2007

BAE defeated in court by CAAT

The High Court has today ordered BAE Systems to produce a sworn affidavit divulging how they obtained a confidential and legally privileged document belonging to Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT). The document in question contained advice from CAAT's solicitors on a planned judicial review of the decision to drop a corruption probe into BAE's dealings with Saudi Arabia.

CAAT spokesperson Symon Hill said:

"We are delighted. This is a victory not only for Campaign Against Arms Trade but for all who care about democracy. When Tony Blair ended the Saudi corruption inquiry, he implied that BAE Systems were above the law. But today BAE have been prevented from behaving as they like. We are a step closer to the day when BAE can no longer get away with calling the shots."

CAAT explained that judicial review proceedings could be severely prejudiced if BAE had access to CAAT's confidential legal advice. BAE Systems failed to convince the court that they had no obligation to give away the source of their information. BAE now have until 12th March to produce their affidavit.

CAAT and the Corner House - an anti-corruption and social justice group - will make an announcement shortly about their application for a judicial review.



1. Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) works for the reduction and ultimate abolition of the international arms trade.

2. On 14th December 2006, the Serious Fraud Office and the Government announced that they were suspending a corruption investigation into BAE Systems' dealings with Saudi Arabia. CAAT and the Corner House declared their intention to seek a judicial review of this decision.

3. On 2nd February 2007, CAAT and BAE appeared in the High Court at which CAAT applied for an injunction order requiring BAE to divulge how they came into possession of legal advice given to CAAT by their solicitors, Leigh Day & Co. Today (26th February 2007) the court ruled that BAE should produce a sworn affidavit with this information by 12th March 2007. A copy of the judgment is available on request.

4. The full judgement is on the British and Irish Legal Information Institute website. The injunction (pdf, 400kb) is also available, as is the judgement on costs (pdf, 300kb) and a letter from CAAT's solicitor commenting on BAE's spinning of the judgement, which has been published in The Guardian.

5. CAAT spokespeople are available for interview on this issue.

6. Photographs of CAAT supporters celebrating outside court are available on request.

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