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This site was set up to detail the judicial review of the decision to end the SFO investigation into BAE-Saudi arms deals.

Now the judicial review has finished, the site will be left online for the record. It is frozen as of February 2009.

For further information about corruption, visit The Corner House, or about BAE and the UK Government's arms dealing, visit CAAT.

25 January 2007

Update on proposed Judicial Review of the SFO decision to discontinue the investigation into BAE Systems

On Friday 19th January 2007 Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) and Corner House Research received the Government’s formal response to their proposed judicial review challenge. The letter sent by the Government’s solicitors seeks to defend the decision. There is nothing in that letter which has dissuaded CAAT and Corner House from their view that the decision was unlawful and is susceptible to challenge in the High Court.

However, it has recently transpired that confidential and legally privileged material belonging to CAAT relating to the proposed challenge has been received by BAE Systems Plc. The material has been returned to CAAT voluntarily, but BAE has refused to state how it came into possession of the material.

On the advice of its legal team, CAAT yesterday made an application to the High Court. The Court has directed that CAAT and BAE appear before it at a hearing next Friday, 2nd February 2007. At that hearing, CAAT will be seeking an injunction compelling BAE to assist in identifying the source of the leak.

A further announcement will be made after the hearing next Friday. CAAT does not intend to comment further pending the hearing of its application next week.


1. Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) works for the reduction and ultimate abolition of the international arms trade.

On 14th December 2006 the Government and the Serious Fraud Office announced that they were dropping an inquiry into BAE Systems' dealings with Saudi Arabia. On 18th December 2006, CAAT and the Corner House wrote to the Government setting out a legal challenge and calling for this decision to be reversed. As the Government has failed to do this, they plan to instigate proceedings for a judicial review.

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