For the record

This site was set up to detail the judicial review of the decision to end the SFO investigation into BAE-Saudi arms deals.

Now the judicial review has finished, the site will be left online for the record. It is frozen as of February 2009.

For further information about corruption, visit The Corner House, or about BAE and the UK Government's arms dealing, visit CAAT.

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The legal challenge
Latest on the judicial review.

SFO Saudi Arabia investigation
News on the decision to abandon the inquiry into alleged BAE corruption.

Other investigations into BAE
SFO probes into the company's dealings with other countries.

Latest: SFO Saudi Arabia investigation

US investigation into BAE

BAE has stated that it is subject to a US Department of Justice anti-corruption investigation.
BBC News 26 June 2007
CAAT and The Corner House reaction, 26 June 2007

Claim that BAE faces US investigation

The Guardian has claimed that the US Department of Justice is preparing to open an investigation which would cover the alleged £1 billion of payments to Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia. It was reported that there was particular concern about allegations of collusion by MoD officials.
Guardian 14 June 2007

Panorama alleges massive payments to Saudi Prince

The documentary alleged that over the course of two decades BAE, with Ministry of Defence approval, made payments worth hundreds of millions of pounds to bank accounts under the personal control of Prince Bandar bin Sultan.
BBC News 7 June 2007
CAAT and The Corner House reaction, 12 June 2007

Swiss launch money laundering probe into BAE

The federal prosecutor's office in Switzerland has begun an inquiry into BAE following the receipt of a report from the Swiss money-laundering investigative authority.
Sunday Times 13 May 2007

UK tries to remove chair of corruption watchdog

The Guardian has claimed that the UK tried to oust the Chair of the anti-corruption watchdog of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in order to prevent criticisms of ministers and BAE Systems. In March, UK officials tried to stop the Chair, Swedish legal expert Professor Pieth, from addressing a press conference at which Pieth announced his agency was to conduct a formal inquiry into the UK government’s decision to terminate the BAE investigation.
Guardian 24 April 2007