For the record

This site was set up to detail the judicial review of the decision to end the SFO investigation into BAE-Saudi arms deals.

Now the judicial review has finished, the site will be left online for the record. It is frozen as of February 2009.

For further information about corruption, visit The Corner House, or about BAE and the UK Government's arms dealing, visit CAAT.

Latest news

The legal challenge
Latest on the judicial review.

SFO Saudi Arabia investigation
News on the decision to abandon the inquiry into alleged BAE corruption.

Other investigations into BAE
SFO probes into the company's dealings with other countries.

Latest: other SFO investigations into BAE Systems

The SFO investigation into BAE's dealings with Saudi Arabia started in November 2004. Over the following two years, the SFO widened their investigations to bring in BAE deals with a number of other countries. These are continuing despite the ending of the Saudi inquiry.

Prosecutors link up to investigate BAE

Investigators from Sweden, the UK, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Austria have met to exchange information about BAE attempts to sell and lease Gripen fighters to the Czech Republic. The meeting of prosecutors took place on 11th May under the aegis of an EU body titled Eurojust, set up in 2003 to fight organised crime.
Guardian 12 May 2007

Conservative motion in Commons re Tanzania deal under investigation by the SFO

Hansard 30 January 2007

Mbeki says South Africa tainted by ending of Saudi probe

The Times has reported that South African President Thabo Mbeki has accused Tony Blair of double standards over BAE in that the investigation regarding Saudi Arabia has been dropped but not that concerning South Africa. He was reported to be going to pursue the matter with Tony Blair personally.
Times 27 January 2007

Solicitor-General identifies countries involved in continuing SFO investigations

The Solicitor-General has confirmed that SFO investigations relating to BAE are continuing and involve South Africa, Romania, Tanzania, the Czech Republic, Chile and Qatar. Qatar had not previously been associated with the SFO inquiry.
Hansard 23 January 2007